Here is where I am supposed to do a big advertisement for CAP Activities....

But, I confess; that would take way too long for me to do at this time, so...

Everyone joins CAP for one reason or another.

Most cadets join because in CAP we get to do things that no one else gets to do.

  • We get to do things like orientation rides in a Cessna 182 at the squadron base, or in more exotic aircraft like the C-17, our nations most capable transport aircraft!

  • Skyfest Air show at Fairchild AFB this past year included CAP cadets working with security... We even got to meet a few of the Thunderbird Team, including the first female Thunderbird pilot, who is a former Spaatz cadet. (The highest achievement in the CAP Cadet Program.)
  • We do regular emergency services training and those who are qualified have been called to go out and search for missing people, downed aircraft, or even clues to crimes.

  • Every month in Ephrata, Washington (near Moses Lake) we have a activity. In July there is pilot training school. Most other months it is Camp ESTA, an Emergency Services Training Academy.We have used Camp ESTA as the Barracks and Dining hall for Basic Marksmanship Encampment's. For these we receive medals, and we get to shoot .22 rifles till we are sore, and then some.

  • We wear the Air Force uniform, which is provided to each cadet during the basic phase, after learning military customs, courtesy's, drill, and ceremonies. We then practice everything learned during the basic phase throughout the rest of our CAP career.

  • This last Christmas we had a number of cadets packing for a week long Basic Encampment at Camp Murrey over by Fort Lewis